FOOTBALL TICKETS – if you fancy watching Real Madrid or Barcelona, we have access to all kind of tickets.

From Malaga you can travel by fast train or plane and enjoy the match, a day or two in the city and then back or directly from your city we’ll fly you in for a long weekend, when you can enjoy the city and the match.

What to see & do in Madrid

What to see & do in Barcelona

CONCERT TICKETS – for the last few years in Marbella we’ve been so lucky to be able to enjoy Starlite Festival a boutique music contest, where the most important artists of the world have played.

It takes place on the hills behind Marbella, easily accessible by taxi or bus in 10-15 minutes, in the months of July and August.

The tickets for 2018 are just being released and the first international singer to have a confirmed date is Sting on the 19th July and wouldn’t it be a great idea to plan your holiday around that?

We’ll provide you accommodation, concert tickets, transfers and flights if you wish.


ACTIVE day trips: choose your favourite one and please contact us to book


Hiking: on your own or here in a group click here

Buggy: enjoy a BUGGY ADVENTURE on the hills and magnificent views 

Boats: weather you wish a leisurely day on a yacht, sailing or a fishing trip with your mates we have the best providers.

Or Just enjoy a short ride by Fly Blue to Puerto Banus or to spot dolphins

Watersports: paddle surf, watersking, kayak, off shore boats, sailing on small boats. You can find all this in the harbour just on the boardwalk.

Segway: the newest toy on the prom is proving to be quite popular towards public of all ages, so if you’re brave enough you should not miss it

Bicycle & Co. Rentals: wherever you walk on the prom you’ll find somewhere to rent a bike for a day or a week. 





price per person is 19€ , Wednesday and Friday happy days OFFER 2 x 1

opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 14pm and 17.30pm to 20.30pm


we personally recommend our open air gym: the boardwalk, where you can walk, run, cycle, skate, do some bodyweight exercises while you breath in the sea air, that is amazing for your health.