Why you should choose a Vacation Rental for your next break.

Holiday Rentals have been a thing worldwide for more than a couple of years already, thanks to the skyrocket ascent of companies like AirBnb and Booking.com, that have made them a fashionable and stylish choice (thanks to them we now have a job title), specially for the millennials, as they’re always the early adapters to the new trends.

But here in Marbella, renting an apartment or a villa from the local real estate agent for a couple of weeks in the summer or a few months in the winter, to catch some out of season sunshine, has been the norm since the 60s, when travel and tourism hit it off.
So we very well know the true value of choosing a vacation apartment for your holiday or break.

And in 2021, when travel resumes after a worldwide pandemic, in which we have been practicing social distancing for far too much, it’s only normal that we will all value our own spaces and outdoors much more, while we’re eager to connect and spend time together.

We’ve all got used to spending more time at home, cooking, watching TV, playing cards and board games, working remotely and so on, that when we will next go on holiday (all being well in the upcoming spring or summer) we will all be valuing the extra space and specially the outdoors.

According to the latest trends, travel this year will be friends and family related. We’ve been so socially deprived over the last year that we very much crave getting together and catching up, therefore we’ll all grab the earliest occasion to, either visit family and friends, or travel with family and friends to a destination to spend quality time together.

So what better then choosing a nice large apartment with a fully fitted and equipped kitchen, where you can cook your meals on the days you do not want to go out to a restaurant, a large dining area, where you can all gather together to eat, drink and be merry, a large terrace with sun loungers to sunbathe all together?

However, if you prefer to have your own space and intimacy, then you could each rent a studio or a one bedroom apartment in the same complex and spend time together around the pool, on the beach or dining out.

You’ll still get all the advantages of a holiday apartment.

So what should you expect from a holiday apartment?

A cozier choice of accommodation, more space to enjoy, freedom to relax, explore, and even cook meals at home, a dedicated or easy to turn into working area, as now work from home is work from any home and anywhere.

We aim to provide you with a blend between the comforts of your own home and the professional hotel service.

Did you know that for the same price of a tiny hotel room you can get a spacious apartment with its nice balcony overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy some privacy and extra space?

The amenities you will find at a holiday rental

* Super Fast Fibre Optic WiFi to work and play

* Smart TV to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
* Fully-equipped kitchen

* Washing machine, Iron, hair dryer
* Outlets, adapters, and chargers in every room
* High-quality coffee (French press or espresso machine)
* Office space for workationers, either dedicated or “easy to turn into”

* Large Terraces with sea views to relax and unwind

* Professionally cleaned and sanitized apartments (we well knew how to clean before the latest developments…)

Advantages of a Holiday Rental:

FREEDOM: no need to get up early to make it in time for breakfast or come back early from the beach not to miss dinner, you can eat when and what you want in your own dining room having cooked your own meal or having it delivered from one of the top local restaurants.

Plus, who wants to be cramped in a room with hundreds of strangers?

COOK YOUR OWN FOOD: allergies, intolerance or simply want to eat healthier and better? Our kitchens have often been described as “better than what I have at home”

LAUNDRY: wash and dry your clothes when and how you want, every apartment has a washing machine and mot a dryer.

100% FAMILY FRIENDLY: babies that need naps during the day can be in the silent bedroom while you enjoy the view on the balcony, then you can prepare the baby special food, the parents dinner and snacks to take on outings in the fully equipped kitchen.

100% PET FRIENDLY: want to bring your furry friend with you?

No problem, they’re totally welcome!

PRIVACY: do you really want to spend your time indoor in 12m2 that is the normal hotel room size?

our smallest studio is 35m2 and has a 6m2 terrace to sunbathe or simply enjoy your own space.

So be smart and get more for your money!

PARKING SPACE: want to rent a car to explore around? We have nearby affordable space to rent alongside your apartment.

FEEL LIKE A LOCAL: belong anywhere, experience the destination in depth, hang out with the locals, experiment with typical fresh food, experience the neighborhoods and keep away from the touristy places, as who wants the same selfies as everyone else?

Your host will be delighted to share tips with you, show you around and most probably take you out for a coffee or a drink, as us people in hospitality really thrive around people.

MEET THE NEIGHBORS: Around the pool or at the pool bar or at the local pub you’ll find friendly families and couples to have a chat and share travel experiences with.

PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED: holiday homes are a WIN WIN because you can enjoy all the above with the peace of mind that there is always somebody there to help you out in case of need.

SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS: most property managers are self employed or small business owners that employ local people, so you will be helping the local economy.

To know more about How To Be Sustainable When Traveling By Supporting Local Business CLICK HERE

2021 is the year of Meaningful Travel and Revenge Travel, when it’s more about WHO WITH rather than WHERE, more about what we can do together, rather than meaningless mass travel taking selfies in front of landmarks.

So do something memorable and choose a vacation rental for your holiday and PLEASE reach out if you have any questions info@marbellaholidays.es

If you’ve been before, then we can only say CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN and BE TOGETHER!

Daniela & Vincenzo

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